Talent Acquisition Management

Finding the right candidate for your business is hard work and can be time-consuming for growing businesses! And as your business grows it can be hard to keep track of each and every employee as they are hired, trained, and their ongoing performance on the job. We offer personalized employee management from hire to retire. This management helps to develop and fulfill your team's needs.

How We Work:

We understand what your business needs from your employees, and we know what your employees need to perform at their best. Our talent acquisition management can be provided on an as-needs basis in the following areas.

  • Strategy & Workforce Planning

  • Executive Placement

  • Recruiting Support

  • Applicant Tracking Software Design

  • Pre Employment Screenings

  • Selection and Assessments

  • Succession Planning

  • On-boarding

  • Job Analysis & Position Descriptions

  • Performance Management

  • Talent Review

  • Leadership Development

  • Employee Engagement Surveys

We specialize in filling your HR need by finding you the highest-level candidates. The combined experience of our staff of HR Practitioners allows us to have a thorough understanding of the skills necessary for a candidate to be successful in the role and to analyze for cultural fit, ensuring you get the right talent, right now. This can include the following services:

  • Job Posting

  • Candidate Screening

  • Behavioral Assessments

  • Competency Assessments

  • Education Verification

  • Certification Verification

  • Professional Reference Check

  • Compensation Recommendation

  • Competitive Fees

  • Six-Month Guarantee

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Additional HR Consulting Services