HR Budgeting in the new year

Get your HR budget in shape for the new year!

HR Nola Staff December 2018


Why It’s Worth It to Invest In The Employee Experience

What ways can we keep our employees invested and engaged.

By: Amy Bakay October 2018


National Bully Month - October 2018

What does a bully in the workplace look like?

By: HR Nola Staff October 2018


6 HR Tips for the Holidays

Local expert offers ways to keep your company celebrations enjoyable for all.

By: Amy Bakay October 2018


New Orleans Magazine 2018 Steel Magnolias

A Southern woman has infamous mystique. She is feminine, but not afraid to speak her mind; gracious, but in no way a pushover; and with the strength and force of hurricane winds whipping across the Gulf Coast. 

The New Orleans Steel Magnolia special section is a celebration of life, love, strength and beauty within. Generous, durable and unflinching in character, our Steel Magnolias give even more to others than to themselves, and for this we gladly celebrate them in the October issue of New Orleans Magazine.


Announcing the 2018 class of ‘Women of the Year’

Fifty honorees for the 2018 class of CityBusiness “Women of the Year” have been chosen, and they will be the guests of honor at an event highlighting their professional and community achievements.

By: Natalie Chandler, Editor August 13, 2018


Q&A: How Amy Bakay built an HR consulting business

By: Valerie Huntley, Market Research/Reporter April 10, 2018

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Sexual Harassment: An HR expert, sexual harassment lawyer, Tulane professor weigh in


Written by: Sabrina Wilson, Reporter | Monday, October 23rd 2017, 6:20 pm CDT


What is or isn't sexual harassment?

NEWELL NORMAND | Friday January 26th, 2017

The #MeToo movement has many people asking questions about what is and isn’t sexual harassment. Can you give a coworker a compliment? What about a pat on the back? Is light-hearted teasing OK? Is it alright to date someone you work with? What office behaviors are to be avoided?  Are men and women are scrutinized equally? And, how to file a complaint if you think you’ve been sexually harassed at work?