Retained Services

Access the knowledge and expertise of HR NOLA’s dedicated HR Practitioners at a fraction of the cost of an in-house HR professional or team. Our pragmatic approach to serving your organization's HR needs is tailored to your culture and the requirements of your business.

We know the importance of building a long-term relationship based on effective action and practical results. On-going access to our HR expertise will free you up for other business opportunities. We can help you define and implement a comprehensive human resources plan and continually work to support your company's goals. To accommodate your budget requirements, we offer a flexible retainer fee schedule.

How We Work:

With our Retained Services agreements, we can either work in concert with your internal team or handle 100% of your HR function. Retained Services agreements offer:

  • HR Administration: 

    • Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated HR Practitioner, who handles employee relations, employee benefits, and other day-to-day responsibilities, such as maintaining HR compliance.

  • Senior-level HR consulting: 

    • We can pair our client with an Engagement Manager, who acts as your virtual VP of HR to provide high-level HR consulting. Having a knowledgeable VP of HR level partner who can help work through tough situations can save time and money.

  • Optional On-site HR Support: 

    • Retained Services can also provide on-site HR services. Your HR Practitioner will hold “office hours” and become the face of HR. They will take responsibility for your HR function without the need for management from your organization.

Our Retained Services agreements begin monthly, at 20 hours, and scale as large as you need.


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