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Today most organizations recognize that they have to maintain morale, facilitate employee engagement, and provide proper training. They know that attracting, developing, and retaining talent is a crucial part of business success. But often the internal HR team doesn’t have the bandwidth to take on additional HR initiatives. HR NOLA performs project work to address your strategic HR needs. We commonly provide the following services:

Employee Engagement Survey 

A disengaged employee can cost an organization tens of thousands of dollars annually and erode company morale. We’ll gather feedback from employees, compare responses against benchmark data, and then suggest changes to help promote a strong culture. 

Performance Management: 

Most successful businesses share a common attribute: talented employees working together to achieve goals. HR NOLA can help you develop a performance management system that rewards top performers, reinforces positive behaviors, and measures the execution of strategic objectives. 

Compensation Analysis: 

A company whose compensation isn’t externally competitive or internally equitable will struggle to recruit and retain top talent and could face significant liability. We’ll review your base compensation structure to ensure it’s competitive and compliant. 

Leadership Development: 

It’s said that employees leave bad managers – not bad jobs. HR NOLA can train managers across your organization to make sure they understand the HR component of their job, including compliance and supervisor skills. As a result, you’ll improve your business execution and mitigate risk.

Customized Employee Handbook and Policies: 

Your employee manual should be a reflection of your worksite and culture! HR NOLA uses a proprietary, multi-state, HR compliance model to maintain your employee handbook. We’ll create or update your handbook and policies to satisfy federal, state, and municipal compliance requirements. 

Employee Relations / Workplace Investigation:

An integral part of any successful firm is maintaining an employee-employer relationship that contributes towards employee productivity and morale. HR NOLA will assist your organization in managing different types of issues that may adversely impact this outcome; ensure workplace issues are handled effectively and in a compliant manner, act as a neutral third party, investigate employee complaints and resolve conflicts.

HR consulting and lagniappe:

Also, we understand that in any company something a little extra may come into play. That’s where that little extra lagniappe comes in. Any other consulting need, be it common or uncommon, we can help to solve those problems.

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