Business functions we will Assess

  • Compliance

    • Ensuring company policies, procedures, and actions within a process are not in violation of standard laws and regulations.

  • Talent Acquisition

    • The process employers use for finding and hiring new employees.

  • Employee Relations

    • The effort given to manage the relationship between employee and employer.

  • Total Rewards

    • The tools available to an employer used to attract, motivate, and retain employees.

  • Risk Management

    • Identification of potential threats to a business due to the human element.

  • Organizational Culture

    • The underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization

  • Workplace Safety

    • Policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and health of employees

How We Work:

  1. Initial assessment / intake of practices with decision makers / priorities of business identified

  2. 3-5 days on-site gathering information relevant to the major areas of employment

  3. 5-7 days of further analysis of information and associated risks

  4. Presentation of Audit summary to leadership with compliance risks rated as:

    1. RED: High priority: Fix this now

    2. ORANGE: Medium priority: Needs attention in next 3-6 months

    3. GREEN: No noted areas of improvement needed and in full compliance


Questions We Help You Answer:

  • Are you paying your people correctly; FLSA exempt vs nonexempt, hourly vs salary, overtime and commissions accounted for?

  • Are your Form I9’s legitimate?

  • What’s in your handbook and what’s in your personnel files?

  • What’s your policy on Harassment – Do your employees know?

  • How often are your managers trained on lawful interviewing techniques?

  • How do your managers resolve workplace conflicts and performance challenges?

  • Are your job descriptions ADA and EEO compliant?

  • What does your Employee Onboarding process look like?

  • Are your employees eligible for benefits and are your total rewards competitive?

  • Are you handling leave of absence requests legally?

  • How do your employees really feel about your workplace environment?

  • Do your managers know how to legally terminate an employee?


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