HR Training Camp

It’s said that employees leave bad managers – not bad jobs. HR NOLA offers training sessions for managers and supervisors across your organization to make sure they understand the HR component of their job, including compliance and supervisor skills. With these training sessions you’ll improve your business execution and mitigate risk.

How We Work

Our training camps are hands-on and interactive training sessions to educate and inspire your team. Walk away from each training session with a tool kit for further improvement! We offer the following training camps.

Respect in the workplace

The workplace is made up of a diverse group of people contributing to the success of your company. We customize this training based on the target employee group and emphasize building and maintaining a culture of respect that encourages and rewards doing what is right and in-line with your company’s values.

Executive Excellence

Managing in today’s fast paced, constantly changing environment requires key skills and behaviors to achieve success. In this training, executives will learn skills and leadership competencies relevant for today’s challenges and learn to lead with vision, motivate and empower with passion, facilitate effective communication, and delegate with clarity to individuals and teams.

Skills for Success: Managers and Supervisors

In the workplace, managers and supervisors are what separate front-line employees and organizational leadership. Managers and supervisors receive direction and inspiration from organizational leaders and are tasked with getting high quality performance and results from their employees. This training emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for a manager or supervisor to be successful in their role from both a legal and employee relations perspective and is custom built to reflect your organization.

Custom Training

Your customized training should grab your audience's attention, get to the point, and make it stick. HR NOLA will guide you through our developmental process to produce a high quality training that will engage your audience and fit your organization's long-term strategic plans. Our dedicated HR Practitioner team will think outside the box and recommend fresh and innovative training solutions while keeping the educational integrity of the course and your organizational goals at the center.

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