HR Audits

HR audits are key to staying compliant! State and Federal liabilities continually grow as payroll increases for businesses of any size. Hiring HR Nola to come in and conduct an HR audit of your policies and procedures will help you stay in compliance with both state and federal laws.


The HR Audit

  1. First, we perform an initial assessment, review intake of business practices, and identify your business priorities.

  2. Second, we do three to five days of on-site research and collect information relevant to major areas of employment.

  3. Third, we take five to seven days to perform supplementary analysis of information and associated risks.

  4. Finally, we present the audit summary to leadership with all compliance risks.
    Risks will be rated as:

  • High priority (Fix it now).

  • Medium priority (Needs attention in next three to six months).

  • No noted areas of improvement needed (Full compliance).


Frequently answered questions

  • Are you paying your people correctly; FLSA exempt vs non exempt, hourly vs salary, overtime and commissions accounted for?

  • Are your I9 Forms legitimate?

  • What’s in your handbook and what’s in your personnel files?

  • What’s your policy on Harassment – Are your employees aware?

  • How often are your managers trained on lawful interviewing techniques?

  • How do your managers resolve workplace conflicts and performance challenges?

  • Are your job descriptions ADA and EEO complaint?

  • What does your Employee Onboarding process look like?

  • Are your employees eligible for benefits and are your total rewards competitive?

  • Are you handling leave of absence requests legal?

  • How do your employees really feel about your workplace environment?

  • Do your managers know how to legally terminate an employee?



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